What do Freemasons do?

What do Freemasons do Lebanon

What do Freemasons do? At First glance, Freemasonry might seem, to those who mostly rely on Lebanese media related to conspiracy theorists to be some sort of a sinister cult. However, when you dig deeper, and not so deep, it will appear to be a group of fine gentlemen gathered together to promote the ideals of morality and virtues through acts of social events and charitable work.

However, in Freemasonry, there’s always more than meets the eye.

So what do Freemasons do?

Before we explain what Freemasons do, we need to look at who is a Freemason.

A Freemason is a good man, but on different levels; even though only a virtuous and honest person can be made a Freemason, these qualities alone do not make up an aspirant’s full characteristics.
But a combination of wit, intellect, and a profound understanding of his Self, the Spiritual, is adamant.

And that’s what’s vital for us to understand what Freemasons do.
A standard definition of Freemasonry is a “Peculiar system of Morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.”
We strive to build a better society through our work on the inner Self, with the Brethren, and with their circle of influence.
To do so, we use the tools of allegory and symbolism to decipher the messages and morals handed down to us by our ancestors.
That’s why you would see symbols related to numerous civilizations borrowed by masonry to help its adepts to ascend the shrines of knowledge and wisdom.

By educating the mind, Freemasonry helps create a better man, balancing both reason and emotion to build the edifice, which is tomorrow’s world.

In addition to research and symbolism, masonry teaches us the art of memory, thus challenging our minds to widen their limits while conveying the virtues of discipline, hard work, and achieving goals.

Goals that could be applied in our daily lives to find the success we need: our home, career, and society at large.
Furthermore, a Freemason is taught to have a benevolent mind, to always put himself at the service of his society and humanity at large. Solidarity among Freemasons teaches us to carry the torch of charity in our hearts while being silent in action. Hence we would see the name of Freemasons in the acts of humanitarian assistance and aid: building hospitals, orphanages, centers, and homes for the elderly…
That sentiment is shared by Freemasons around the globe and not just Lebanon, not for any personal gain, but from the feeling of brotherhood they’re taught within this system of morality we call masonry.

Finally, it is but widely understood that the discussion of politics and religion are prohibited within our lodges. It is essential to comprehend that Masons are free thinkers and promoters of freedom of speech and consciousness. This made Freemasonry quasi inexistent in countries ruled by tyrants and suppressive regimes.
To conclude, a Mason is a man of virtue, working physically, mentally, and spiritually to enlighten his mind, support the society in which he lives, and make the world a better place.

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