What Is Freemasonry


With around 4 million Regular Freemasons globally, Freemasonry has become a way of life. Each man who believes in the power of God is eligible to become a member. In Freemasonry, we believe God is primordial in the order of things in life.

Freemasonry revolves around three main pillars uniting Freemasons no matter how diversified: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth; simple however ultimately powerful. These pillars are incorporated in one’s daily life as a law-abiding man and citizen of the world.

Brotherly Love is the crucial bond between Freemasons, reflected in one’s tolerance and respect for his Brother’s beliefs and opinions. This principle binds fellows to care for each Brother and that Brother’s dependents.

Relief and this relief is to everyone in one’s community, locally or internationally. Being a charitable man, the Freemason finds joy in assisting the less fortunate, be it Brothers or not.

Truth. In all daily endeavors, amidst a busy and demanding life, a Freemason stands for truth, honesty, and integrity in everything.

Freemasonry is education:

Education is essential in Freemasonry. It is attained through several degrees, answering some questions and opening new horizons. Masonic degrees are woven around the story of King Solomon’s Temple, with all its symbolism. A candidate can successfully move to a higher degree once the previous one’s teachings are fully grasped. These degrees resemble building the Temple, as each is a pillar to a new one, maintaining the candidate’s interest in the different stages and reinforcing the Mason’s development.

Freemasonry is not a religion:

Freemasonry respects all and every religion, knowing it is precious and personal to each fellow, it is a topic that is not to be discussed among Brothers.
Freemasonry invites Brothers to pray together, but it is not a religion, as each is addressing his personal Supreme Being. This collective prayer is ruled by Love and fellowship.

The Holy Book of each religion represented in the Lodge is open during meetings.

Freemasonry is not a political superpower:

Discussions on political issues amongst Freemasons are completely forbidden. The Grand Lodge of Scotland would never support any political ideologies or theories. Therefore, politics in all its details are personal to the Craft and shall never push him to interfere in its world.

A common misbelief that cannot be warded is that Freemasonry is a secret. From noticeable Temples to open source knowledge and freedom to make it known that one is a Freemason, Freemasonry is definitely openly available.
The mystery lies in “secretive” methods used between members around the globe, to recognise and greet one another. You wouldn’t give your password to anyone now, would you?

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